Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney in Celina, TN

$200 Criminal Defense in General Sessions Court

Many good people charged with crimes don’t have a lot of money to hire a lawyer.  You’re a hardworking man who supports his family but got caught with some marijuana.  Maybe, you’re a college kid that had too much to drink one evening and are now charged with DUI.  Or perhaps, you’re a parent of a young man or woman in trouble with the law.  You need guidance on how to get them through this troubling time.  I became a lawyer to help people just like you.

My goal as a lawyer has never been to get rich.  In law school, I graduated second in my class, and yet, the big Nashville firms and rubbing shoulders with the wealthy never appealed to me.  See, I grew up in an area smaller than Celina – Hickory Valley, on the border of White and Van Buren Counties.  I had cows and at one time a goat.  I’m from a family of teachers.  We were never poor, but we were never rich, either.  My family likes to hunt.  I have one cousin that would spend all night in the mountains.  These are the types of people I’m here for.

Don’t get me wrong.  I stay up to date on the latest legal issues, just like those big firms do.  I pride myself in working as hard as the top firms.  But, their lifestyle, that’s not for me.  I’m here to help regular working people.

I handle most criminal cases in Clay County General Sessions for as little as $200.  My criminal court prices are more, but I try to keep them at or below market rates.  I’m also available for family law, landlord/tenant disputes, civil litigation defense, and drafting basic documents, such as wills and powers of attorney.

If you need an affordable defense attorney, contact my office today at (931) 310-6945.


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