Criminal Defense Attorney in Celina, Tennessee

$200 Criminal Defense in General Sessions Court

Are you facing criminal charges in Clay County, Tennessee?  Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor offense, such as drug paraphernalia, or a felony offense, such as aggravated assault, you need an experienced attorney that is familiar with the local court system.

As a criminal defense lawyer that regularly practices in Celina, Tennessee, I can help guide you through the process.  If you have a case in general sessions court, I often charge as little as $200.  While criminal court cases cost more, I try to keep my rates competitive with other lawyers.

It’s important that you find a criminal defense attorney that knows when to make a deal and when to be aggressive.  In some cases, it’s best if the attorney smooths things over with the officers and the victims.  In other cases, there is no smoothing over to be had.  You need a lawyer who is ready, willing, and able to take the case all the way.

You also need a lawyer who keeps up with the latest changes in the law.  For example, whether evidence is suppressed can hinge on the tiniest detail.  A new case that week may determine whether you should get off or not.  Note: it’s not the district attorney’s job to stay up to date on the latest case law for you.  Also, don’t expect the officers to go home each night and read the latest legal news.  That’s what you hire an attorney for.  It’s your attorney’s job to stay up to date, so that you know the strengths and weakness of your case in order to negotiate with the DA.

If you need an attorney in Celina, Tennessee, call my firm today at (931) 310-6945.


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