Tennessee Benchbooks

I find Tennessee benchbooks to be quite useful in practice.  The ones that I use are below, along with a few similar guides.  Please let me know if I’m missing any useful benchbooks or other guides.

Benchbook – Alimony (2011)

Benchbook – Alternative Sentencing (2014)

Benchbook – Child Dependency (2008)

Benchbook – Children in Court (2008)

Benchbook – Criminal Issues in General Sessions (2014)

Benchbook – Domestic Abuse (2015-2016)

Benchbook – Judicial Practice (2014)

Benchbook – Municipal Law (2014)


Useful Guides:

Appellate Advocacy (2017)

Appellate Judge Introduction (2014)

Appellate Pro Se Filing Guide (2010)

Child Dependency and Parental Rights Cases (2007)

Sheriff’s Handbook (2006)


Useful Links:

Best Tennessee Legal Blogs


Upper Cumberland Law Firm Websites

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