Upper Cumberland Law Firm Websites

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It’s important that you have easy access to information on the various lawyers and law firms throughout the Upper Cumberland and Sequatchie Valley.  If you’re an attorney and your website isn’t on the list, please email me your name and website.

Cumberland County (Crossville)

Fields and Tollett

Kevin Bryant

Looney, Looney, & Chadwell, PLLC

Margaret Powers

Patton & Hyder

William Ridley

DeKalb County (Smithville)

Buck & Buck

Jeremy Trapp

Mingy Bryant

Fentress County (Jamestown)

Mathis, Bates, & Klinghard

Steven Girsky

Walker & Walker

Grundy County (Altamont)

Russell Mainord

Putnam County (Cookeville)

Beth Shipley

Byars Law Office

Callahan & Binkley, PLC

Chaffin, Chaffin, & Giaimo

Dale Bohannon

David Day

Dennis Oliver

Donna Simpson

Doug Dennis

Edward Graves, III

Frank Kessler

Fry, Fry, Knight, & Murphy

Greg Groth

Gothard Waters

Gwen Jones

Harry Lasser

Henry Fincher

Jon Hatfield

Kelsy Miller

Kevin Christopher

Laurie Seber

Leftkovitz & Leftkovitz

Madewell, Jared, Halfacre, Williams, & Wilson

Martelia Crawford

Michael Knowlton

Scott Lytal

Seth Crabtree

Shipman & Crim

Steven Randolph

Shawn Wilson

Stacye Choate

Tessa Lawson

Tribble & Tribble

Wesley Bray

William Roberson

Wimberly Lawson

Van Buren County (Spencer)

Matt Bailey

Warren County (McMinnville)

Bud Sharp

Farrar, Holliman, & Medley

Galligan & Newman

White County (Sparta)

Cindy Morgan

Griffin & Davis, PLLC

Hutson & Hutson, PLLC


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