Will the public hear the Antioch Church shooter’s jail phone calls?

The Tennessean reports that the public defender is fighting to block the media from releasing the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ shooter’s jail phone calls.  Previously, News Channel 5 obtained the tapes from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.  Interestingly, the district attorneys office also filed a motion asking the court to block the release of the tapes to other media outlets.  It seems that both parties are concerned with tainting the jury pool.

Gladly, the matter is before Criminal Court Judge Cheryl Blackburn.  Judge Blackburn is one of the most respected judges in Nashville, having served on the bench for more than twenty years.  Supposedly, when court is closed due to inclement weather, there will be one person at the courthouse making sure that she is up to date on all the latest case law – Judge Blackburn.  As someone that has practiced in front of this esteemed judge, I can say that what impressed me the most about her was not even her command of the law and the courtroom (although certainly she had both).  What impressed me the most about her was that when she was unsure about the law, she would stop everything and look it up.  It is both impressive and refreshing when the smartest person in the room is the first to admit that she does not know everything.  So, I have little doubt that she will get it right.

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