Cookeville Criminal Defense Attorney

Do you need a criminal defense lawyer in Cookeville, Tennessee?  If so, look for a lawyer who is (1) nonjudgmental, (2) knowledgeable, (3) a good negotiator, and (4) aggressive.


It is critical that you find a nonjudgmental attorney because your attorney needs to know all the facts of the case to properly advise you.  If you don’t feel comfortable with your attorney (even if it’s me), find another attorney.  I try my best to make my clients feel comfortable because that’s the only way we can get the best result for them.


It’s also important that your attorney is knowledgeable of the relevant case law.  Criminal law is an area of the law where a technicality or mistake by the police can sometimes lead to a complete dismissal of the charges.  I’ve had someone facing upwards of 30 years in prison who walked the first day of court.  The police didn’t have reasonable suspicion for the stop, and to the prosecutor’s credit, he knew it and dismissed the case.

Good Negotiator

Third, you need a good negotiator because most cases settle.  Sometimes, you don’t need an attorney that will burn everything down.  Instead, you need an attorney who will smooth things over with the victim, the police, and the district attorney.  This is why it’s helpful to get a local attorney.  A local attorney knows the local assistant district attorneys.  They know where the local DAs will bend and where they won’t bend.


Some cases do not settle.  They are either too serious or the DA won’t give a fair offer.  For these, you need an aggressive attorney that will use every law and procedure in your favor.  You need an aggressive attorney that knows the local people and local investigators.  You need an attorney that isn’t afraid to go to trial.

If you need an attorney in Cookeville, Tennessee (Putnam County), contact my office today.


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