Best Tennessee Legal Blogs

Here are the best legal blogs in Tennessee:

Raybin Tennessee Supreme Court Hot List

Raybin Tennessee Supreme Court Hot List is my favorite legal blog.  David Raybin, author of the three-volume Tennessee Criminal Practice and Procedure treatise, and Ben Raybin, former clerk for two U.S. Court of Appeals judges, edit this blog.  Not only do they keep me updated on Tennessee Supreme Court cases, but they also predict how the Court is going to decide.  These predictions are often accurate and sometimes useful in advising clients.

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

This blog is invaluable if you practice family law in Tennessee.  It is regularly updated and covers everything from our higher courts to lessons learned during divorce.  The author, K.O. Herston, graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law, where he was on the editorial board of the law review, and has been practicing law in Knoxville for over 20 years.

Scotblog by Daniel A. Horwitz

More opinionated than the above blogs, Scotblog nonetheless provides valuable insight from a brilliant legal mind.  His scholarship has been published in numerous journals, including the Harvard Latino Law Review, the University of Memphis Law Review, the Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy, the SMU Science and Technology Law Review, the Tennesse Bar Journal, and the Nashville Bar Journal.  Notable for those of us in the Upper Cumberland, Horwitz has filed a lawsuit against the Honorable Sam Benningfield and Sheriff Oddie Shoupe, for the sterilization program that was in the news.


Other Valuable Blogs

Blog Following the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals by Matt Bailey

Tennessee Appellate Review by Bradley

Tennessee Defense Litigation by Jason Lee

Faughnan on Ethics by Brian Faughnan

Sentencing Law and Policy by Douglas Berman

Day on Torts by John Day

Sixth Circuit Appellate Blog

And last, but certainly not least, Scotusblog

What are some good blogs that I’m missing?


Other useful links:

Upper Cumberland Law Firm Websites

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