Felony Ranges in Tennessee – Part 3: The Multiple Offender

There are five felony offender classifications in Tennessee – career, persistent, multiple, standard, and especially mitigated. For most felonies, your classification determines both the number of years you may be sentenced to and the percentage of your sentence you have to serve before you are parole eligible. Therefore, it is very important to understand felony offender ranges in Tennessee.

The multiple offender is a defendant who has received:

(1) A minimum of two (2) but not more than four (4) prior felony convictions within the conviction class, a higher class, or within the next two (2) lower felony classes, where applicable; or

(2) One (1) Class A prior felony conviction if the defendant’s conviction offense is a Class A or B felony.

Tennessee Code Annotated section 40-35-106.

As you can see below, a multiple offender faces significant jail time if found guilty:

A Felony – 25-40 years at 35%

B Felony – 12-20 years at 35%

C Felony – 6-10 years at 35%

D Felony – 4-8 years at 35%

E Felony – 2-4 years at 35%

As always, talk with a lawyer about the specific details of your case. Some crimes have unique sentences and release eligibility dates.

Other Felony Sentencing Classifications: Career Offender, Persistent Offender, Standard Offender, and Especially Mitigated Offender

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