Judge Benningfield’s vasectomy program was NOT eugenics

Sadly, Judge Benningfield’s opponents were successful in ending his lawful vasectomy order.  Apparently, drug addicted babies are okay with them as long as they can virtue signal online that they stopped a eugenics program.  Here is one of the comments to the Washington Post article (cited above):

“The state of Tennessee should make this Nazi judge the following offer: You can keep your job if YOU ‘volunteer’ for a vasectomy.

Otherwise kick him to the curb.

It would be interesting to know how many of these alleged ‘drug addicts’ were in jail for simple marijuana possession. Would people’s assessment of this case be different if the inmates involved were in jail for drunkeness?

If so, what would the rationale be for treating the two drug offenders differently? Logic certainly won’t work, since alcohol is a far more dangerous and debilitating drug than marijuana.

This is how fascism grows. Pass some emotion-driven, irrational law that is then enforced in a discriminatory fashion, and then keep piling on one disproportionate penalty upon another until one has totally decimated the target demographic.

I think the same offer should be made to the many Republican commenters supporting this judge’s order. ‘Volunteer’ to be sterilized or lose your job. You certainly aren’t making the world a better place.

With regards to the commenters who don’t like the use of the Nazi label for this judge see the following link to better inform yourself about the history of these sterilization practices: https://www.ushmm.org/learn/students/learning-mate…

This case is a prime example of why sane people consider Republicans to be evil.”

Nails on a chalkboard.  These people are jumping over themselves to declare Judge Benningfield a Nazi, a slavery supporter, etc.  Godwin’s law has never felt more applicable.

Make no mistake.  They bring up Nazis and slavery because they don’t have a good argument.  As noted previously, Judge Benningfield’s order was constitutional.  There was no American law that directly opposed his order.  That’s why Judge Benningfield’s opponents had to cite to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.  Cute.  Let me know when the United States cedes sovereignty to the United Nations.

Even if it mattered, Judge Benningfield’s order complied with the Rome Statute. The statute prohibits “enforced sterilization.”  Enforced sterilization is the forcible sterilization of an ethnic group as part of a systematic attack against that ethnic group.  Judge Benningfield’s order was not “forcible sterilization” but instead “encouraged sterilization,” or really, “optional sterilization.”  Moreover, the prisoners that chose to participate were not an ethnic group.  Finally, the order is not part of a systematic attack on that ethnic group.

Back on point, the order was not eugenics.  It did not distinguish between rich and poor, intelligent and stupid, beautiful and ugly.  The point of the program was not to remove less desirable genes from the gene pool.  It was simply to lower the number of drug addicted babies being born in White County.  Drug addiction ≠ genetics.

Sadly, drug addicted babies don’t matter much when people have the chance to score some social justice points and pretend they are fighting Nazis.

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