Why Conner McGregor will knock out Floyd Mayweather

Boxing vs. MMA.  USA vs. Ireland.  And, let’s admit it, black vs. white.  Unless you’ve been living under rock, you’ve heard of the upcoming billion dollar fight between the best boxer of all time and the best MMA fighter on the planet.

Floyd Mayweather, normally the “bad guy,” finds himself in the unusual role of hero because Conner McGregor can’t help himself from making racist statements or bringing Mayweather’s family into it.

But, as Mayweather is soon to find out on August 26th, good guys often finish last.  Here are five reasons why Connor McGregor will shock the boxing world and defeat Floyd Mayweather.

1. McGregor’s punches knock people out.

2. Mayweather’s 40-year-old arthritic punches are so light he should be called  Mayfeather.

3. McGregor does not hold back.  He will swing for the fences.

4. Eventually, McGregor will land one of those powerful punches on the older man.

5. Even the greatest of all time decline rapidly with age.  See Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, etc.  Mayweather has spent the last few years fighting sub-par fighters and an old man.  He is about to find out what age does to all of the GOATs.


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