Criminal Defense Attorney

I provide high quality, affordable legal representation to clients throughout the Upper Cumberland and Sequatchie Valley regions of Middle Tennessee.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I represent people in:

Appellate Advocacy

Appellate advocacy is my favorite area of the law.  If you have a criminal or civil appeal in any area of the state and you’re looking to hire an appellate attorney, please contact me today.  If you are an attorney that would rather focus your time and energy on other areas of the law, I may be able to take over your appeal or help you with drafting it.

Criminal Law

Criminal defense lawyer.  It’s who I am.  I handle all manner of criminal cases, including DUI, simple possession, felony possession, theft, domestic assault, aggravated assault, sexual offenses, and homicide.  If you need a criminal defense attorney in general sessions court, I may be able to help you for as little as $200.  If you’re facing charges in criminal court, I can help with that, too.  While criminal court costs a lot more, I keep my prices competitive with market rates.

If you’re a criminal defense lawyer looking for help on a motion to suppress or a motion in limine, I may be able to help you with drafting it.

Estate Planning & Probate

When I’m not in court negotiating and litigating, I’m normally in my office drafting documents for people just like you.  I charge $50 for power of attorney documents and $150 for simple wills.  I also offer more complex planning, including trusts, conservatorships, and TN Choices.  If a loved one has passed away and you need an attorney to probate your estate, please contact me for more information.

Real Estate

In addition to drafting estate planning documents, I also draft real estate deeds and rental agreements.  I charge $100 for quitclaim deeds and landlord/tenant rental agreements, $200 for title searches, and $300 for a warranty deed and title search bundle.

Juvenile Law

I enjoy helping clients with Unruly and Delinquent, Dependent and Neglect, and Termination of Parental Rights cases.  My approach to these cases varies by county because case management procedures and court administrative practices differ considerably among counties.  In juvenile cases, I am very “hands-on,” staying in regular contact with DCS and my clients to see exactly what needs to be done to get the best result for my client.

Family Law

Uncontested Divorce Without Children – $750 (including filing fees); Uncontested Divorce With Children – $1,000 (including filing fees).  Contested Divorces are $100/hr.


These are the most enjoyable cases.  When an adoption is finalized, the judge will often take a picture with the adoptive parents and child.  While these cases make everyone happy, there are a number of statutory requirements that I can help you fulfill.  For example, some adoption cases require a home study, and nearly all adoptions require checking the putative father’s registry.  If you need help with your adoption, contact me today.


Your case is important to you; it should be important to your lawyer.  I give my cell phone number to my clients and often take calls outside of business hours.

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Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals reverses trial court’s suppression of warrantless blood draw

Upon reconsideration of State v. Brown, No. W2014-00162-CCA-R9-CD (Tenn. Crim. App. Apr. 30, 2015), in light of State v. Reynolds, 504 S.W.3d 283 (Tenn. 2016), the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals reversed a trial court’s suppression of a warrantless blood draw because the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule applied.  A blood draw is a search protected … Continue reading Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals reverses trial court’s suppression of warrantless blood draw

Young boy killed in White County car crash

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Six arrested in bust of coordinated drug operation in Overton County, Tennesse

On December 7, 2017, the TBI Newsroom reported that a joint investigation between the Bureau, the Overton County Sheriff’s Department, and multiple local law enforcement agencies led to the arrest of six individuals for the sale and delivery of various narcotics.  Three of the defendants are from Cookeville.  Two of the defendants are from Livingston.  … Continue reading Six arrested in bust of coordinated drug operation in Overton County, Tennesse

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